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Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities expand your child's world and give them access to skills and social opportunities they might not have otherwise.  Extracurricular activities also help kids develop the social skills that they will need as adults. They provide opportunities for leadership, cooperation, and peer interaction. 

Intermural Sports

The following intermural sports are offered for 6 th-8th graders:
Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball


The Elementary Instrumental Music Program offers instruction in woodwind, brass, and string instruments to students of Woodson and Maywood/DaVinci Schools.   Band students participate in lessons and rehearsals regularly and have opportunities for concert and local parade experiences.
Participation in the Elementary Instrumental Music Program builds foundational skills for future music education and promotes self-confidence, teamwork, school engagement, and overall higher academic achievement.


Students have an opportunity to participate in clubs at various schools:
Associated Student Body (all schools)
Chess Club (Woodson)

Visual Arts

Students explore and create art in various styles using the Four Artistic Processes: Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting a means of communication, personal realization, historical and cultural connection, wellbeing, and community engagement. Lessons explore artists and styles from various cultures and teach techniques for the creation of personal and collaborative works of art.