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Independent Study

Assembly Bill 181 (the 2022-23 omnibus budget trailer bill) contains revisions to the Independent Study Program (effective July 1, 2022). CUESD offers a short-term Independent Study option for no more than 14 days.  
What parents need to know prior to requesting Independent Study:
  • Short-Term Independent Study must be requested through the school office at least two weeks in advance of the proposed start date
  • Independent Study is a minimum of 3 days and no more than 14 days.
  • Short-Term Independent Study cannot exceed 14 days (for the entire year) and instruction is provided as packet work or Google Classroom by a student’s existing teacher.
  • If a Short-Term Independent Study request will exceed 14 days (or the balance available to the student) the student will be marked unexcused for the number of days exceeding the limit.
  • Master Agreements from Parents and Students must be signed prior to the starting of the Short-Term Independent Study
  • Short-Term Independent Study Homework Assignments are due the day the student returns to In-Person learning.  Any incomplete or missing assignments will result in unexcused absences.
Independent Study Policy and Regulation

Independent Study Policy and Regulation