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Safety and Training

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

A safe working environment is our number one priority. Should an employee become injured or ill arising out of employment or during the course of employment, we want our employees to receive quality medical treatment.  Should YOU BECME INJURED WHILE PERFORMING THE DUTIES OF YOUR JOB OR VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY, you must report your injury IMMEDIATELY to the supervising employee, the office manager, secretary, or the Workers Com Coordinator before leaving the site. 
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Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

It is the responsibility of the Site Administrator, Supervisors, and Managers to ensure that their employees receive job-specific safety training and that they fulfill the other responsibilities assigned to them in this IIPP.  Supervising others also carries the responsibility of knowing how to safely accomplish the tasks assigned to each employee, purchasing appropriate personal protective equipment, and for evaluating employee compliance.
Individual employees are responsible for following the established work procedures and safety guidelines in their area, as well as those identified in this Program.  Employees are also responsible for using the personal protective equipment issued to protect them from identified hazards, and for reporting any unsafe conditions to their supervisors. 
Corning Union Elementary School District utilizes Keenan SafeSchools for their mandatory employee training.  All school employees (certificated, classified, and administrative) are required to complete mandated training at the beginning of each school year.  
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Follow these steps using the link above:
  • Your username is your employee ID number.
  • Once you enter your username, the system will verify who you are.  If it is correct, click the “Log Me In” button.
  • By clicking on the Take More Courses button, you will see a list of available courses.
  • Start a course by clicking on the course title. 
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  • Click where indicated in the Pop Up Blocker message and click “Temporarily Allow Pop-up.”
  • The courses have audio so be sure to turn up your speakers. 
  • You must complete each section of the course and pass the quiz in order to receive full credit.