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School Accountability Report Card

Every school in California is required by state law to publish a School Accountability Report Card (SARC), by February 1 of each year. The SARC contains information about the condition and performance of each California public school. For more information about SARC requirements, see the California Department of Education (CDE) SARC webpage at
The SARCs provide a detailed report regarding each school site about class size, demographics, test scores, school climate, and more.  The reports must be updated annually and published by February 1.  The SARC is published in the current year for the previous year. 
The following SARCs were presented and approved by the Board of Trustees on January 17, 2024.
School accountability report cards are also available for any school or district on the California Department of Education Website.
More information about SARC requirements is available on the California Department of Education Website.