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Formed in 1888, Corning Union Elementary School District encompasses 170 square miles in Tehama County and borders Glenn County to the south.  The territory of the District is located in the southern part of Tehama County and includes the City of Corning and adjacent unincorporated areas.
The population of the City of Corning is approximately 8,000. Corning Elementary is one of the top three employers in the Corning area. 
Corning Union Elementary School District offers four Elementary Schools and one Middle School.
About Our Schools

About Our Schools

West Street Elementary School
The first school in Corning is nearing the completion of Phase II of a renovation project - a new cafeteria/gym/auditorium. TK/Kinder complex, nine new classrooms, and playgrounds.  Approximate enrollment: 327
Woodson Elementary School
The main campus was built in 2004 through a bond measure.  Woodson Elementary is a neighborhood K-6th-grade school.  Approximate enrollment: 513
Maywood/DaVinci Middle School
The main campus was built in 1973. In the spring/summer of 2017, most portable classrooms were removed, and fifteen new classrooms were constructed.   Maywood/DaVinci is a 6th-8th grade school.  Approximate enrollment: 528
Olive View Elementary School
The main campus was built in 1980 and is a TK-6th-grade school with one State Pre-School classroom.  Approximate enrollment: 518
Columbia Academy
Established in 1997, Columbia Academy is a K - 8th-grade alternative community day school.  Approximate enrollment: 13
Rancho Tehama Elementary School
The main campus was built in 1994 and serves K - 5th grades in the rural setting of Rancho Tehama Reserve. Approximate enrollment: 97
Original Corning School
District History

District History

In 1888, Trustees Bonham, Hurlburt, and Jewett proposed a new tax of $6,000.00 to build a new school building.  It was unanimously carried.  Two acres of land were purchased from George Hoag on the West side of West Street and the Northside of South Street.  a two-story building of four rooms was erected by Ryana and Johnson of Red Bluff.
The building was finished in October 1888, with two classrooms below and two above.  The lower rooms opened for school with Professor and Mrs. H Webb as teachers.  The number of pupils in attendance was 104 on January 1, 1889.
Later, a similar two-story unit was added and the two were connected with an entrance in the center. 
Mr. Otto Liersch says that when traveling minstrel players and other entertainers came through town, the upstairs rooms were used for their shows.  It was also in these upstairs rooms that the first high school was located while the building on Second and almond was being constructed (1902-1904).
The next West Street School was built in 1920 around three sides of the old one while it was still in use.  Upon completion of the new school, the old building was torn down.
By 1952 the number of children in attendance was 600.
(information provided by Phyllis Brown, 1982)