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Technology Services

Technology tools are embedded into the culture and routines of Corning Union Elementary School District to promote student learning, enhance the teaching process, facilitate communication, and conduct district operations.

Technology Services works largely behind the scenes to make sure the infrastructure that students, staff and parents rely on is ready to meet their changing needs.

Technology Services Is Responsible for Installation/Maintenance Of:

Technology Services Is Responsible for Installation/Maintenance Of:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Telephone/voicemail systems
  • Other media and technology-related devices
We also provide user support for the major software products used by the District in its business functions and curriculum-based applications.
DUO MFA Overview

DUO MFA Overview

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security approach that uses two factors to authenticate your identity when signing into your computer, email or other online services.  CUESD uses Duo and Google to manage the second factor of MFA: something you have.
A common example of MFA is withdrawing money from as ATM.  To gain access to your bank account, you need a bank card (something you have) and your PIN (something you know).

What Does CUESD Use to Manage the Second Factor of MFA?

CUESD uses Duo to manage the second factor of MFA: something you have. Duo MFA allows you to authenticate into your computer or email a few different ways:
    • Approving a Duo Push sent to your smartphone through the Duo Mobile app - recommended method.
    • Tapping a Yubikey USB security key plugged into your computer.
You can choose which Duo authentication method you prefer.

Why Do Staff Need to use MGA at CUESD?

MFA helps protect personal information stored in Aeries and email accounts, such as grades, financial information, contact information and other sensitive data from malicious cyberattacks, such as phishing emails or password guessing.
While CUESD has many tools in place to combat these attacks, employees can still be targeted.  In almost all cases. MFA can help protect your personal information and sensitive data by adding an extra layer of security to your account.

Which CUESD Services Require Me to use MFA?

The common services that require MFA include:
  • Windows Logon
  • Email
  • Aeries
This list will continue to change as more services support MFA

How Often Do I Need to Use MFA?

Windows Logon will require MFA every 3 days.  Online services will require MFA every 12 hours.

What Information does the Duo Mobile App Collect From My Device?

If I Don't Want to Use the Mobile App, What Else Can I Use?

CUESD will provide you a YubiKey USB security key.  Please contact the Technology Helpdesk.
Tehcnology Manager, Matt Jardin
Matt Jardin
Technology Supervisor
(530) 824-7701 ext 3517


If your student is experiencing issues with their Chromebook, we have staff available to resolve these issues.  Here are the ways to connect with our Help Desk staff:
Parents will need to provide the following when reaching out to our Help Desk:
  • School
  • Grade
  • Asset tag # on the bottom of Chromebook
  • Issue