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To give all students the opportunity to reach established academic goals at all grade levels, to encourage self-esteem, to promote pride in their schools and community, and to instill an appreciation for lifelong learning.


CUESD educates ALL students to be critical and analytical thinkers, active community members, and responsible global citizens.  We accomplish this by providing student-centered learning focused on the whole child in a safe, positive setting.  Our commitment to excellence prepares students for 21st-century opportunities, college, and careers.

Mission, Vision, Core Values


  1. THE BOARD BELIEVES student learning is our primary focus and it is the basis for our decision-making.  Our thoughts and actions in every situation must keep in mind how it will impact students.
  2. THE BOARD BELIEVES ALL children can learn and expects each child will perform at his or her highest potential with equal educational opportunities consistent throughout the district. (Educational Excellence)
  3. THE BOARD BELIEVES in promoting district-wide pride and diversity in a family atmosphere of caring and trust among staff, parents, and students as a key aspect to our success. (Connectedness)
  4. THE BOARD BELIEVES in high expectations for every child and staff member.  As a district, we must be responsible for continuing our education, embracing research-based educational practices that provide high-quality staff development and Common Core standards-based instruction for our students.
  5. THE BOARD BELIEVES that students must be instructed by teachers highly trained in instructional technology and that every student will be competent in the use of technology as a learning tool for their academic achievement.


  1. THE BOARD BELIEVES the district has a responsibility to provide safe, secure, and well-maintained schools and facilities that are accessible to our students, parents, staff, and community members.
  2. THE BOARD BELIEVES the district has a responsibility to promote service learning and community service for our students in all grade levels.
  3. THE BOARD BELIEVES our students, parents, and members of the community are our most valued customers.  Every effort will be made by district and school staff to assist and interact with our students, parents, and community in a "customer-friendly" environment.
  4. THE BOARD BELIEVES the district has a responsibility to provide our students with a variety of quality and healthy foods that are appealing to students to choose from in a pleasant dining environment.


  1. THE BOARD BELIEVES every fiscal decision the district makes will be weighed against ALL our core values.
  2. THE BOARD BELIEVES in strong fiscal management that is achieved through careful budget development and long-range planning.  The Board will maintain a minimum seventeen percent (17%) reserve (but strive for twenty percent 20%) set aside for fiscal uncertainties.
  3. THE BOARD BELIEVES district salaries and benefits must be competitive but not restrict the district's ability to fund and enhance necessary student learning programs and maintain district facilities.  The board further believes that district salaries and benefits shall not exceed eighty-five percent (85%) of the General Fund.
Core Values revised and approved September 15, 2022