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Health Services

District Nurse
 JoAnn Boone, RN

  530.824.7720 ext. 4207


Health Offices:

Woodson Elementary

  Kathy Lester
  Health Aide
  530.824.7720 ext. 4205


Olive View Elementary

  Emily Helton
  Health Aide
  530.824.7715 ext. 2205

West Street Elementary
 Image Kathleen Endres
  Health Aide
  530.824.7705 ext. 1205

Maywood / Da Vinci

  Mary Caputo
  Health Aide

  530.824.7730 ext. 3205

Rancho Tehama Elementary
District Nurse, JoAnn Boone, rotates between all school sites.  Please call the school site office for the days and times that JoAnn will be visiting that school.

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Welcome to Better Health!

Welcome to the Health Services page!  On this page are many links to websites about health, disease prevention and control.  I hope you will find them helpful as you search for information on how to get and stay healthy and prevent illness in your family!

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