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All Corning Schools have used the Renaissance Learning product called "Accelerated Reader" (AR) software program for over a decade.  This nationally recognized educational software assists teachers and students in working to improve the reading skills of our students. 

Students of any age in all of our schools can use the software, but it is normally used by students starting in the 3rd grade up to the 8th grade.  At the start of the school year, students take the STAR reading test on computers in our school computer labs.  Teachers are electronically given information on the student reading level after the STAR test.  The teacher then uses their personal knowledge of the student's reading level, results from the California Standard Tests given each May, and data from the STAR test.  The teacher then assigns a reading level range and reading targets for each student.  The reading level of a book is called the "ATOS Book Level."

The books in our school libraries are organized by the Accelerated Reader reading levels (RL).  Every book has information about the reading level, points, and quiz number.  Students can quickly find books suitable for their reading level range assigned by their teacher.  Students can, of course, borrow and read any books, at any reading level, as their interests lead them to explore.  However, for classroom grading purposes they must read books at or above their reading level to get grading credit from their teachers.  The reading level of a book is called the "ATOS Book Level" by Accelerated Reader. For example, an above-average reader in the 6th grade might have had an ATOS Book Level or Reading Level range of 6.6 to 7.4.  

After a student reads a book at or above their assigned reading level, then they take an Accelerated Reader Practice Quiz for that book.  The students take the quiz on any computer in their school (i.e., Maywood, Olive View, Rancho Tehama, West Street, Woodson or Columbia Academy). Quiz taking is supervised by staff or teachers.  Each practice quiz for each book consists of ten questions. The student must answer 8 of the 10 questions correctly to pass the test.  The test may be taken only once.  Students cannot take AR practice quizzes at home.  

After the student takes the quiz on the book they have read, the software automatically records their progress.  Teachers can then access this information for all students in their class.  Teachers can track the reading progress of their students and then encourage and guide the students.

We have access to over 129,000 Accelerated Reader quizzes for books, vocabulary quizzes, textbooks quizzes, and literacy improvement.  Parents and students can search the AR Book Finder database at home at any time to find information on books.  There are four tabs in AR Book Finder to select from: Quick Search, Advanced Search, Collections, and Textbooks.  In the Advanced search mode, anyone can search by author, title, ISBN, ATOS Book Level (grade level for reading level), interest level, and other criteria.  The results of the search will provide detailed information for each book including ATOS reading level, the point value of the book (based on the length and complexity of the book), and the types of AR Quizzes available. 


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