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The California Department of Education reports both state and federal accountability results under the general heading of the Accountability Progress Reporting (APR) System.  The APR includes the state Academic Performance Index (API) Base and Growth reports, the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report, and the federal Program Improvement (PI) Report.

Student academic achievement continues to be the primary focus of the Corning Union Elementary School District.  Please visit the following links for further details on each individual school's Accountability Progress Reporting status.  




Program Improvement (PI) Information to parents:

District SES and School Choice Chart

District PI Letter

Maywood PI Letter

Olive View PI Letter

Woodson PI Letter

West Street PI Letter

Corning Union Elementary first developed its LEA Plan in the Spring of 2003 and an LEA Plan Addendum in 2006.  As an NCLB Program Improvement district, CUESD worked collaboratively since the Fall of 2007 with staff, parents and county office facilitators to assess district needs and to revise its entire LEA Plan in the Spring of 2010, through the District Site Leadership Team (DSLT).  CUESD again revised its LEA Plan during the school year 2012-13, to better reflect the current state of the district.  This document describes the district student academic goals and the strategies CUESD will use to meet those goals. 

CUESD Revised LEA Plan 2012-13

CUESD Revised LEA Plan 6-18-10

CUESD 2010-11 LEA Plan 1st Quarterly Report (9/17/10)

CUESD 2010-11 LEA Plan 2nd Quarterly Report (1/20/11)

CUESD 2010-11 LEA Plan 3rd Quarterly Report (3/17/11)

CUESD 2010-11 LEA Plan 4th Quarterly Report (6/17/11)

CUESD PI Year 3 Mid-Year Evidence (3/5/12)