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Safety Matters

Safety Matters

Corning Union Elementary School District is committed to student and staff safety. We implement a variety of protocols in preparation for a variety of emergency situations.  Each year, we review our safety plans and determine areas for improvement. We work cooperatively with local law enforcement and fire to create a multi-year plan to address this need. 
CUESD Safety Priorities are:

CUESD Safety Priorities are:

  1. Protect the lives of students and staff
  2. Provide for the needs of survivors in a disaster
  3. Provide information to students, parents, and guardians
  4. Protect property
  5. Restore school operations
If There Is An Emergency. . .

If There Is An Emergency. . .

In an emergency situation, our school families would receive a notification by telephone, text, and email using ParentSquare. An emergency message would include basic information about the nature of the emergency, where and how you can be reunited with your student. 

For the safety of everyone, parents/guardians are asked to wait for instructions from the school/district regarding how they can be reunited with their student in an emergency situation.

Please do not call the school during an emergency. If you call the school during an emergency, you will probably not be able to speak with anyone, and you may tie up telephone lines that could be used for communicating with 911 and other first responders.

While we understand that emotions are high in an emergency situation and parents/guardians want to be reunited with their student as quickly as possible, parents/guardians who arrive at the school in an emergency will interfere with the ability of staff and first responders to do their jobs. Our goal is to get you reunited with your student as quickly as possible, and parents/guardians who arrive at the school in an emergency situation only delay the reunification process.
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School Emergency Guide for Parents

School Emergency Guide for Parents

We have created this quick guide to assist parents/guardians in case a true school emergency happens.  Please feel free to download the PDF and place it on your refrigerator or a handy spot at your home.  
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Emergency Drills Practiced:

Emergency Drills Practiced:

Evacuation is used when there are conditions inside the school building/facility that are unsafe. Students and staff evacuate the building to an outside location. Students and staff will assemble at predetermined locations away from the school buildings.
A “fire drill” is an evacuation. Other reasons for evacuation may include:
  • utility outage 
  • gas leak 
  • chemical spill 
  • flooding 
  • earthquake

Earthquake Drill
Students are instructed on the Drop, Cover, Hold On procedure.  Drop procedure means an activity whereby each student and staff member takes cover under a table or desk, dropping to his or her knees, then proceeding to protect the head protected by the arms with the student's backs to the windows.
Soft Lockdown is used when students and staff need to be inside the building for safety. During Soft Lockdown, students and staff are moved into or remain in their classrooms/rooms and normal classroom activities continue until the incident concludes. Soft Lockdown is used to provide protection against the outdoor environment, such as with:
  • Gas leaks
  • Severe weather
  • Community safety incidents involving law enforcement
A lockdown is used when there is an immediate threat or hazard on the school campus. Students and staff are moved into or remain in classrooms/rooms, doors and windows are locked, and lights are shut off. Classroom activities cease until the incident concludes. School administrators and district officials work with local first responders to maximize student safety. Lockdowns are implemented with:
  • Intruder/suspicious person
  • Active shooter