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Superintendent's Message

My name is Tiffany Dietz. It is my great honor and privilege to be serving the Corning community in the capacity of Superintendent of Corning Union Elementary School District. As your superintendent, I am committed to the students and families of our district and their well-being. 
It is our goal to provide a safe place for students to learn, grow and thrive. It is important to us that our students be provided with equal educational opportunities and access to instruction by teachers who are highly qualified and competent - in a caring environment that allows children to flourish. 
This year we began the year with the focus of accelerating learning to provide our students the learning they need to overcome any loss resulting from the pandemic. We soon learned that COVID was still a very present problem and we continue, now, to focus on both learning and our students’ social-emotional needs. I am very aware that our students and our staff have suffered a great deal in the last two years as a result of the pandemic. Together we are strong, even in the face of tremendous adversity.
Throughout the challenges we are facing, there are bright spots. In addition to the important learning taking place, we have resumed sports and some field trips where possible. Our facilities continue to be a focus of constant improvement. It is important that our community and our children feel pride in their schools. Olive View School recently received some updating to the front parking lot and front of the school - which looks beautiful. Woodson had a new play structure installed at the beginning of the school year to enhance outdoor play.  West Street is in the process of much revitalization which will include a new, beautiful multi-purpose building. 
We continue to grow our access to technology by ensuring each of our students has a Chromebook assigned to them. For our youngest students, we will soon be having an extra Chromebook for home assigned to each student so that they do not have to carry Chromebooks from school to home and back. West Street School is going to be the first to receive an internet tower as part of our ongoing tower project to bring internet access to more of our students. 
I am proud of the work we, as a district, are doing to keep our students in school, in person and provide access to that high-quality instruction.  This is so necessary for their self-esteem and a desire for life-long learning. We will continue to provide a safe place for our students to grow and thrive. We love them and look forward to continuing this work with all of our families. 
Tiffany Dietz, Superintendent
(530-824-7700 ext 1256
Superintendent Assistant Photo
Marcie Anderson, Assistant to Superintendent
(530) 824-7700 ext. 1256