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Corning Union Elementary School District (CUESD)
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Phone: (530) 824-7700
Fax: (530) 824-2493

Stephen Kelish, Superintendent

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Academic Calendar for the Current School Year 

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Accountability Report Cards for Each School, School Accountability Report Cards, SARC  -  Current and Past Years

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Core Values of the CUESD Board of Trustees, March 2007

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Corning Elementary Education Foundation 

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Educational Technology - Maywood School (Many other CUESD Schools use the same resources). 

EAST Initiative Lab at Maywood School, EETT3 Grant Project  

Educational Technology Plan, 2010-2015, CUESD 

Educational Software - Maywood School - for Students and Teachers

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Library and Media Center at Olive View School  

Library and Media Center at Woodson School 

Local Educational Agency Plan, LEA Plans and Reports, 2010-2011 

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Master Guide to Services for English Learners in the CUESD, 2008

Master Index to the CUESD Website

Maywood Clubs and Activities 

Maywood Middle School (Grades 6-8)   New School Website (2011-) 

Maywood Middle School (Grades 6-8)    Old School Website (2000-2010)

Maywood Middle School - Directory of Teachers  

Maywood Middle School Parent Support Organization

Maywood Middle School Staff Directory    

Maywood Middle School Sports Events Monthly Calendar

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Rancho Tehama Elementary School (Grades K-5)  

Rancho Tehama Elementary School - Directory of Teachers  

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Reading First Grant  

Recreation for Children in the Area  

Recreational Opportunities in Our Area  

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Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Quiz Information 

Report Cards - School Accountability 2004-2005

Report Cards - School Performance Reports - API and AYP  

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Staff Salary Schedules

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Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) of State Department of Education

STAR Testing Information

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Student Information for Parents 

Student Surveys

Superintendent, Steve Kelish  

Superintendent - Goals and Objectives

Supervisors' Salary Schedules 

Teachers (Certificated Staff) Bargaining Agreement

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Teacher's Directory for Ranch Tehama Elementary School

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Teachers' Surveys

Teachers' Technology Use Surveys: All Teachers and Some Students (EETT Projects)

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Technology - Grants

Technology - Instructional Support - Maywood School  (Many other CUESD Schools also use the same resources)

Technology Plan, 2010-2015, CUESD 

Technology Plan, 2005-2010, CUESD   

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Technology Use Surveys: All Teachers and Some Students (EETT Projects)

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West Street Elementary School (Grades K-5)  

West Street Elementary School - Directory of Teachers  

Woodson Elementary School (Grades K-5)  

Woodson Elementary School - Directory of Teachers  

Woodson Elementary School - Parent Support Organization 

Woodson Elementary School Old HTML Website (2000-2010) 

Woodson Elementary School New Drupal Website (2011-) 



























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